Missing Files DSA Quick Start

Aug 8, 2009 at 3:59 AM


 Great work!

Im new to these blocks and am trying to get the DSA example working. The config file is missing for the C# version and there is also a missing files or two for the VB version. VS solution explorer shows the file was part of the solution at one time but its not present in the directory. I tried taking the config file from the VB solution and adding it as an existing item to the CS solution. I then received a null exception when trying to return the endpoint section form the config file. the errors listed below were the cause

- Configuration = Could not evaluate expression

- ProtectedConfigurationProvider = Could not evaluate expression

i noticed that it was looking for the config here

configFileName = "\\Program Files\\DSAGettingStarted\\DSAGettingStarted.exe.config"

so i changed the configfilename property on load to the local path. that cleared up the first error but i can not get past the 2nd ProtectedConfigurationProvider = Could not evaluate expression

any thoughts? or maybe an updated download!

will there be a tutorial for the DSA block or perhaps you can point me to an existing one?


Bill Spaulding