Project Description
This project is set up for community contributions associated with the patterns & practices Mobile Application Blocks.

Updated - First Beta Release Available
We have created the first release of the Community Cintent. This is a beta and more content will be developed over the coming weeks.

This version contains:
Two additional mobile application blocks:
  • EventAggregator - a block for implementing loosely-coupled event publish-subscribe between modules
  • Updater - a block for deploying application updates to devices over a network
Quickstarts for the following blocks:
  • Configuration_GettingStarted
  • DataAccessApplicationBlock_GettingStarted
  • EventAggregator_GettingStarted
  • PasswordAuthentication_GettingStarted
  • Disconnected Service Agent (In Progress)
  • ContainerModel (In Progress)
Go to the Downloads page to get the installer.

The Community Application Blocks

The Community Contributions includes two additional app blocks that work with the main Mobile App Blocks at

Event Aggregator Application Block
This is a port of the PRISM Event Aggregator block available in Source Code.
There is also a QuickStart for this block, showing how to achieve loosely-coupled event publish abd subscribe between modules built using a dependency injection container. Note that the Quickstart projects uses the ContainerModel app block from the Mobile Application Blocks. Get these blocks from the patterns and practices project at

For documentation on how to use the Event block, see the PRISM documentation at Note that although the original block was written for WPF/Silverlight, the way you program it is almost unchanged in Windows Forms apps. See the QuickStart for examples of usage in the .NET Compact Framework.

The code checked in also includes a Logging Facade, also from PRISM. This is a work in progress. One plan is to use it with Steve Lasker's SQL CE Trace Logger sample, which allows logging to a local SQL CE database, with transmission to a website using Sync Services.

Mobile Updater Application Block
The Q4Tech Mobile Updater Application Block has been integrated to the Mobile Contribute project. This was originally released to work with the Mobile Client Software Factory V1 but has now been updated to target the new Mobile Application Blocks and VS2008.

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